Employee Recruitment

“Each human being is a gold mine of strengths with unlimited potential. Uncover your strengths, live your potential and achieve the changes that you want with coaching from OutsourcedHR Coaching.” OutsourcedHR Coaching offers executive, professional, and business coaching. We offer a fresh, open, and innovative perspective on each situation that leads to breakthrough results in short periods of time. We exude and transfer an inspirational outlook with a practical, “brain-based” approach and concrete results. You’ll learn new ways of looking at your challenges, gain understanding, and then take action.

Change is a journey. It’s much easier with a partner who knows the road. We meet you, where you are and get you to, where you want to be. We get you past the places where you are stuck, so you can move forward. We help to guide the process, smooth your way and keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Coaching for Professionals

Take control of your career path and remove barriers to success. Promote your personal growth and performance as a professional.

Whatever your industry, OutsourcedHR Coaching can help you to identify opportunities, work through problems and build up healthy rapport with colleagues, stakeholders and associates.

There are a multitude of reasons why you may seek professional coaching. Perhaps you are a new manager looking to develop leadership skills—or perhaps you would like to move up in your organisation. Maybe you’ve been given a major, high-visibility project to manage. Perhaps you’ve received some feedback on your performance and are looking for support in responding to it. Maybe you are looking for new tools to maximize team performance.

If you are facing these or other issues in your work, OutsourcedHR Coaching will help you face challenges, seize initiative, improve outcomes, command greater esteem, and empower your passion.

We can help you improve your skills in:

  • Communication—with customers, stakeholders, peers, managers, and those who report to you
  • Team building
  • Decision-making and conflict resolution
  • Cultural competency and managing diversity
  • Delivering and accepting feedback
  • Growing good employees into great employees
  • Strategy development
  • Coaching your own team

Contact us and let’s discuss how OutsourcedHR Coaching can support your professional development

Executive Coaching for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

As a business owner you are the expert regarding your services or products, and probably know your customers well. But the size of your business may limit your access to peer partners with whom you can develop clarity on direction, as well as to support in developing your leadership skills.

OutsourcedHR Coaching can help you, the business owner, to reconnect with your dreams and find the business success you desire. We can help you, the aspiring entrepreneur, with pragmatic and emotional support in turning your visions into reality.

We offer confidential executive coaching, the same that is available to leadership in larger organizations, to meet the needs of small business owners, directors, managing directors, or CEO’s. We blend traditional executive coaching with pragmatic, structured planning. Working together with you, we develop your leadership skills so that you can improve the performance of your organisation. We address issues such as:

  • Direction: Where should your effort be focused? Which areas of your business are in the greatest need of attention?
  • Employee hiring and performance: Who do you need to hire to build your team? How can you deal with underperforming employees and create a culture of accountability?
  • Strengthening your team: How do you prevent conflict and create a collaborative work environment?
  • Developing your strategy: How do you craft targeted strategies to address those areas that are in the greatest need of attention?

Coaching for Career Transition

Career transitions can happen at any point in your life and career. They can be exciting, and they can also be terrifying. Even when you are eager to take a step, it’s hard to leave the old comfort zone of routine and habit.

OutsourcedHR Coaching can help you, whatever kind of transition you’re face:

  • Workforce re-entry
  • Responding to a layoff
  • Exploring a career change or new professional identity
  • Retirement

We can help you identify the phases you can expect. We can help you explore your values, vision, and strengths, so you can find work that aligns with them, for maximum satisfaction. We can address common problems including self-sabotage or other ways in which you stand in the way of your own sustained career success.

OutsourcedHR Coaching supports you in gaining clarity on your goals for the transition. Then we hold you accountable to yourself, so that you take action and achieve those goals.

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