The HR services that we provide are comprehensive:

• Human Resources Strategy
• Human Resources Office
• Managing Talent

Each service is designed to your requirements.

Whether you need help in drafting up a staff handbook, policies and procedures, job profiling, help with developing a strategy, training and development, recruitment or day to day HR advice – our team can help you.

HR Services Overview:

Recruitment & Selection

Your people are your service promise to your customers whether they are internal or external customers. Therefore, it’s important to recruit and select your staff in the right way. We can do all or any part of this process for you. We can design job descriptions, write the adverts and briefs, interview and run assessments.

Background Checks

Need to conduct background verification checks? We can assist you with Credit Reports, Fingerprint Checks, ID and Qualifications verifications and Reference Checks.

On-going HR Support

This is ideal if you do not have your own HR function. Our team will be on hand to answer your queries and calls. You will be given a dedicated HR manager to support you giving you practical advice and support as required and when you need it.

Policies & Procedures

As your company grows you need to ensure that you’re managing and treating your talent consistently. A set of policies and procedures will ensure that you manage your talent effectively and at the same time promote fairness and consistency throughout your organisation.

Performance Management Systems

Are you looking to improve the way that you manage employee performance within your organisation then we can help. Whether it’s reviewing your current performance management system or creating an appraisal process from scratch, we have the expertise to help you.

Employment Contracts

Avoid disputes and disagreements by having required employment contracts in place. We can work with you to create a set of employment contracts that supports your business and at the same time ensure that your employees understand their rights and responsibilities.

Executive, On-boarding and Transition Coaching

Who develops the top executives or directors within your company?

Our qualified executive coaches can help your senior management with areas of development into the next level of their careers.

Whether it is regular face to face sessions, telephone coaching or a mixture of both – our executive coaching solutions are tailored to each individual and their requirements.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

If you require a mediator to help solve a dispute or conflict then we can provide this service for you. Nipping conflict in the bud is the best approach before it escalates. We can work with you to ensure that a conflict is worked through to an amicable conclusion.

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