Our specialist industry sectors include:

  • Human Resources Strategy
  • Financial Recruitment
  • Human Resources Recruitment
  • Marketing Recruitment (FMCG/market research)
  • Information Technology Recruitment
  • Engineering and Management Consulting Recruitment
  • Telecommunications

The key to our success lies in our extensive resources, investment in technology and loyal client relationships. Our experience, interest, dedication and skill make us unique in the market and set us apart from other recruitment agencies.

OutsourcedHR can source candidates within a matter of days whether you’re looking for specialist personnel or a temporary project team of 20 to fulfill your urgent deliverables, due to the fact that we are experienced in sourcing skills timeously.

Temporary or Contract Recruitment Services

OutsourcedHR has a longstanding and successful relationship with temporary recruitment and have been supplying top caliber and quality teams and individuals to this market since inception.

OutsourcedHR believes that the best people and solutions in business, “is our business”. We deliver the people, process and human resources solutions that influence performance across your organisation. With highly credentialed, real-world experienced teams, applying robust, creative and thorough sourcing, human resources and assessment methodologies, the skilled and ambitious people that we deliver, sharpen your organizations’ competitive edge.

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